Sms Caster 3.6 Software System For Sms Marketing Submissions

SMS Caster 3.6 Program to Send Sms Mass Marketing

SMS Caster is a software for managing sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages. Send thousands of SMS easily from the computer connected to one or more mobile phones or 3G modems quickly, conveniently and inexpensively. SMSCaster is fast, inexpensive and highly effective, it can be used in reminder messages, promotions, divagations, sales of products and services and communication in general. There are no major investments and hidden costs in using the system. Just use your computer connected to your mobile device or 3G Modem, and you are equipped with a powerful marketing tool. There is no other faster and more effective way to reach your target audience without having to use the internet. SMSCaster uses your SIM card to send SMS messages. Take advantage of promotions from Unlimited SMS carriers that are currently up, and send your campaigns almost free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is needed to use the software?
Answer: A 3g USB modem or more than one with a chip from any carrier of your choice and a computer.
2. Do I need to have a limited or unlimited SMS plan from any mobile carrier?
Answer: Yes
3. How many SMS can I send per hour?
Answer: On average 1,200 sms hour, this depending on the time between pause of shipments that you choose.
4. Do the operators block the chips when sending a large amount of SMS?
Answer: Yes, for this to happen you will have to configure the program to pause at least 3 seconds for each submission.
5. How many chips can I use with the program?
Answer: It is recommended to use a maximum of 5 modens, but you can use more. This depends a lot on the capacity of USB ports and the speed of your CPU.
6. Using more modens and more chips does this multiply the number of submissions?
Answer: Yes

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

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$20,00 Delivery in 24 hours by email.